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After over fourteen years of working in the business and gathering the necessary skill and expertise, Derek Quale founded Aina Lush Landscaping as a means to meets Maui's growing need for creation and maintenance of beautiful landscapes and lawns.


Lawn Maintenance

Lawns, hedges, name it and we maintain it! You can kick-back and relax knowing that our personable and reliable staff will keep your lawn in pristine condition. We also offer project days and are open to discussion about helping you with any of your lawn or landscaping needs! Services available from Kula to Wailea (excluding the west-side.)

Landscape Installation

We have experience installing beautiful and unique landscapes for residential and commercial clients alike. We use only the healthiest of plants along with high-quality materials to ensure that your landscape is aesthetically appealing for years to come!


Planter Boxes

The perfect way to add a vibrant pop of color to any area! With over 100 varieties of beautiful, healthy & hardy succulents to choose from we can build you a planter box that is sure to impress.

Why us?


We pride ourselves on providing great customer service. Whether it's our first job or fortieth with you, we strive to impress you each time with our great service!


Serving Maui for over fourteen years we have learned the value of showing up on time, every time.


Our amiable crew will not only provide you with top notch, high quality service, but will go above and beyond so that your experience is everything you could ask for.

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